Selina Mai

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Dance and singing
Selina Mai | Singing
2020 | Singing. Self Tape.
Selina Mai | Slow Salsa
2020 | Dance. Self Tape.
Selina Mai | Showreel scene
2019 | English. Production: iFFS.
Selina Mai | Träume
2019 | German. Director: Björn Schürmann. Production: iSFF.
Selina Mai | One Night Stand
2019 | German. Director: Detlef Rönfeldt. Production: iSFF.
Selina Mai | Letzte Woche
2019 | German. Director: Sylke Enders. Production: iFFS.
Selina Mai | Entwicklungshilfe
2019 | German. Production: iFFS.
Selina Mai | Die Partei
2019 | German. Production: iFFS.
Selina Mai | Die Partei - berlinerisch
2019 | German with berlin accent. Production: iFFS.

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