Sonja Chan

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Sonja Chan | Monologue III
2020 | English. Monologue.
Sonja Chan | Special skills
2020 | Sport and Martial arts.
Sonja Chan | Monologue II
2020 | English. Monologue.
Sonja Chan | Soko Donau - Dünne Luft
2018 | German. Channel: ORF / ZDF. Role: Onita Nakura (ESR). Director: Sophie Allet-Coche. Production: Satel Film GmbH.First Brodcast: 16.4.2019 (TV: ORF).
Sonja Chan | The New Mercedes-Benz A-Class
2018 | Moderation. World Premiere | Pre-Show. Short version.
Sonja Chan | Posh
2017 | Stage. English. Role: Harry Villiers, Director: Brian Hatfield, Stage: BDU Theatre.
Sonja Chan | Goodbye Europa!
2013-2014 | Stage. English and Chinese. Theatre, Copenhagen.
Sonja Chan | Es kommt noch dicker
2012 | German. Channel: SAT1, ORF. Episode: Children.

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